About Dave

I’m a 41-year old football ‘enthusiast’ who lives in Bathgate, a small town in central Scotland, not far from Edinburgh.

My main football allegiance is to my local senior club, Livingston who I have supported through a change of identity, FIVE league championship wins, three relegations, several financial crises and a magnificent Scottish League Cup win in 2004.  Until recently I sat on the club board of directors, which was a real honour.

I also attend Scotland home games whenever possible, and fill in as many other Saturday afternoons and midweek nights by attending other random football matches.

Televised football isn’t really my cup of tea – I enjoy my football ‘in the flesh’ whether its a local junior match watched by a handful of diehards or a big game attended by thousands.

You can follow me on Twitter@davidstoker_lfc


16 thoughts on “About Dave

  1. Hi Dave

    I’m the programme editor at The Spartans FC, and came accross your blog on a google search about the club. It’s going to be the last game at City Park this Saturday, and we’re looking to do a commemorative programme. With that in mind, I was wondering if you’d give permission for me to reproduce any of your images from the Spartans v Whitehill Welfare game you attended earlier in the season in this Saturday’s programme. I would appreciate it hugely if you could let me know by e-mail if this is something you’d be willing to allow us. If not, I understand completely.

    Many thanks, and keep up the blog – it’s very impressive!

    Liam McCabe

  2. After your blog on our home draw against Harthill Royal back in February it was good to read your review of our recent game against Armadale Thistle on your return to Murrayfield Park – you need to walk along and visit us more often and we’ll keep a programme for you! Anyway, I hope you don’t mind but, as before, I’ve added a link to your review from the Blackburn United website’s match report on the game as well as on the sites ‘Latest News’ page and, this time, I’ve also added a link to your complete blog on our own ‘Links’ page. Good luck on getting to the seven games you need to hit your target of 100!!

  3. Hi Dave … Just been having another wee look through your blog, excellent stuff. I see you’re planning on attending the Pollok v Medda final on Thursday. Hopefully there will be a good crowd for the last game of the season and lots of good football on show. I was at the Blantyre v Medda semi last night and it was bad enough to get football stopped so I’m looking for extra thrills in the final to make amends.
    I’ve recently started an Irvine Meadow blog http://irvinemeadow.blogspot.com and have added your blog to my links list.

    Regards MM

  4. Hey Dave stumbled across your blog when i typed in Hallglen AFC. I am playing in this sunday’s Scottish Sunday Trophy final and just wondered if you will be attending this game?

  5. Another blog found that I will come back to during the forthcoming season. I will also add a link to it to my own blog “All Roads Lead Somewhere”. I liked the report on Aruba – I went to Cuba six years ago and never in a million years would have got away with trying to get to football on my honeymoon!!!!!

  6. Hi Dave, I came upon your article re Pumpherston V Stoneyburn by accident and after reading it decided to leave a comment. I’m not sure if you are still on your quest or travels but it is refreshing in todays world of Champions league etc that people do actually watch “Real” football. I live in Vancouver, B.C. now but can remember happy times playing on the junior ground with the local boys club whenever we had big games. I’m not sure if it was just a boyhood thing but we were told it had one of the biggest playing surfaces in Scotland. Maybe just a local myth. I’m nearly in my 60’s and up until recently was still playing indoor football with the odd game of 11’s thrown in for good measure. All my sons played and now my Grandson at 8 has taken a shine to a “Baw” My Father, Willie Gold passed away last December which now cuts all my ties with the village. I’m due back for work reasons at the end of this month and maybe i will get the chace to have a look around. Keep up the good work. Yours in Sport, Stuart Gold

  7. Thanks for the comment Stuart. I’m still watching lots of football, so much so that I’m behind again in writing up the games. I reckon Stoneyburn was one of the biggest pitches in Scotland at one time. These days it’s one of the most bumpy! Hope you enjoy your trip home when it comes, Dave

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