Lifestyle choices!

2013-14 turned out to be a record breaking year as far as my football travels were concerned; 132 games watched, and some great new places explored as diverse as Rothesay and Easington Colliery.

It’s a match total that I’ll struggle to beat for a few years – the reason for that is that I had a new addition to my family on Saturday June 28, a beautiful wee baby boy that my wife and I have called Evan.

With a newborn to look after, I expect to scale back my travelling a bit in 2014-15, in line with the new demands on my time and finances.

My target for the last few seasons has always been 100 games or more; this season that might be a bit ambitious with everything else that’s going on.

Nevertheless, I’m still hoping to get out and about to see new places and I suppose with fewer games attended, I might have a bit more time to share my football travelling experiences through this blog!


2 thoughts on “Lifestyle choices!

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