Pollok 0-1 Irvine Meadow XI

Pollok Meadow small  June 18, 2009 – Newlandsfield Park, Glasgow

The Evening Times Cup final pitched the two best sides in the West of Scotland together to bring down the curtain on the Scottish Junior football season.  It also signaled the end of my own campaign, which began at Easter Road on July 6 last year.

All told, the season for me consisted of 105 games (well, there was one extremely late postponement and an abandonment) spread over 347 days.

There have been ups and downs along the way, and to be honest this game was a pretty flat way to finish.  Meadow scored the only goal in the first half and took their fourth trophy of a great season against a Pollok team that looked a little short of ideas and energy.

More asap…

In brief

Scoring – 0-1 Robertson (29)
Attendance – 1153
Admission – £6
Programme – £1, but they sold out before I could buy one

Ground – 7/10 – Now regular destination
Game – 5/10.  Not up to my pre-match expectations
Overall experience – 6/10.  Wee bit of an anti-climax to the season
Match Report Links
Irvine Meadow blogNomadic Fitba


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