Pollok 3-1 Auchinleck Talbot

Pollok Talbot smallJune 8, 2009 – Newlandsfield Park, Glasgow

Another Evening Times Cup tie and a bit more entertaining this time.

Pollok and Talbot are amongst the strongest junior sides in Scotland and the standard of play was excellent, especially considering the arduous schedule of games for both sides recently.

Talbot scored first and each side sustained a controversial red card apiece in the first half.  Pollok came on strong in the second half and won through thanks to a trio of goals from the inside right channel.

More asap…

In brief

Scoring – 0-1 McIlroy, 1-1 Macaulay, 2-1 Mackay, 3-1 Macaulay
Attendance – 495
Admission – £5
Programme – £1

Ground – 7/10 – Tidy ground with social club alongside
Game – 9/10.  Excellent stuff, a good advert of this level of the game
Overall experience – 8/10.  This is what summer football is all about!
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One thought on “Pollok 3-1 Auchinleck Talbot

  1. Good stuff Dave. I would have went to this one, but I had already arranged to go to a gig last night. Sounds like I missed a good game.

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