Auchinleck Talbot 2-1 Clydebank

Junior Cup Final smallMay 31, 2009 – Rugby Park, Kilmarnock

The highlight of the Scottish Junior football season, my 100th game of the season and a warm sunny day to boot.

All I needed to top things off was a Scottish Junior Cup victory for Clydebank but the brave Bankies fell short against the seasoned Auchinleck Talbot who lifted the trophy for a record eighth time.

The game, watched by just over 8000, was a decent spectacle with all the goals coming inside sixteen second half minutes.

More asap…

In brief

Scoring – 1-0 McIlroy (60), 1-1 Mackie (67), 2-1 Davidson (76)
Attendance – 8122
Admission – £8
Programme – £3

Ground – 7/10 – One of the top grounds in Scotland… pity about the legroom!
Game – 7/10.  Tight and well contested
Overall experience – 8/10.  Good occasion to hit the century
Match Report Links
Clydebank Mad — Daily RecordDown the Wing


3 thoughts on “Auchinleck Talbot 2-1 Clydebank

  1. You’re fast getting the post up! I’m doing mine just now, although I have last Sunday’s play-off to do first.

  2. The way things are going I might the full write up done three weeks on Wednesday 🙂
    Enjoyable day out, the only downside was the result. After ‘supporting’ Linlithgow and Bathgate to wins in the last two years I thought I might get a hat-trick with a Bankies win. C’est la vie.
    Still much to be proud of for Bankies supporters I’d suggest…

  3. Yeah totally. The team were being written off by the folk ‘in the know’ even at the quarter-final stage. It was great that so many people in the town were interested in the football team once again.

    They didn’t show themselves up. I thought both teams were pretty evenly matched for the most part. Now they have to pick themselves up and get on with the outside chance of a promotion play-off.

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