Saturday wash-out

The Scottish climate never ceases to amaze.

Just when you think the worst of the weather is over until winter comes round again, it chucks it down for three days solid leaving a Saturday’s plans in tatters.

My original plan was to head through to the West to visit either Arthurlie’s Dunterlie Park or Kilbirnie Ladeside’s Valefield, both of which would have been new grounds.

Flicking incessantly between Pie and Bovril, the West Region fixtures page and the Scottish Juniors list emails on my phone, I established that Arthurlie v Petershill was a goner before leaving Glasgow Central station.

The Kilbirnie v Girvan game was still on as far as I knew, though, so I made my way southward to Glengarnock, the station which serves Kilbirnie.

Only when I got to within ten minutes of there did I belatedly find out that Valefield have been declared unplayable at 12.30pm.

Plan C was quickly drawn up and I stayed on the train until Kilwinning to see if their game against East Kilbride Thistle had beaten the weather.  With no indication on any of my online sources, I crossed my fingers and wandered up to Abbey Park, only to find it deserted.

For a few seconds I pondered a late dash to either Kilmarnock or St Mirren, both of whom kicking off at 3.00pm in the SPL, but I decided just to cut my losses and head home.

So it was a rare blank Saturday, with only a couple of pictures of Abbey Park, taken through a fence to show for a couple of lengthy train journies. 😦

One view of a very wet Abbey Park...

One view of a very wet Abbey Park...


...and another.  The end wall of the enclosure can be see to the right of the picture

...and another. The end wall of the enclosure can be see to the right of the picture


2 thoughts on “Saturday wash-out

  1. Sorry about that Dave, but it actually makes me feel a lot better. I chose not to go to a game on Saturday. I had intended to go to a Junior match but when I hit the Football Central site and saw a lot of ‘P’s next to the fixtures I thought I might be on to a loser. The rain, the fact I had a few things to sit and write and that I had to be somewhere in the evening (meaning I’d be hanging about Glasgow for 2 hours) meant I had my first Saturday afternoon in for about 4 months.

  2. I was a bit gutted to be honest, especially since there were games that went ahead near home, Broxburn being one.
    What was annoying was that it can be hard to get information on which games are off and on. The West Region (Football Central) website was showing a few games off but wasn’t up to date.
    Still you can’t win them all. There’s thankfully still a few weeks of games still left to play. I see your Bankies still have a host of league games plus the Cup Final.

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