Livingston U19 4-0 Partick Thistle U19

Livi Fieldturf smallMarch 1, 2009 – Almondvale Fieldturf, Livingston

When you support a team like Livingston it’s not everyday that you get to enjoy a championship success.

We have enjoyed a reasonable amount of success in the past, but in comparison to the likes of the Old Firm, silverware isn’t something that we are particularly used to winning.

Happily, today offered me the chance to see Livingston’s excellent Under 19 try to obtain the single point which would clinch the SFL Youth Division championship for a second year running.

Having seen a fair bit of the Under 19 team, although not too much recently, I fully expected them to pick up all three points with a win.  At this level they are very strong, and would probably be a match for most SPL sides.

That they are not given the chance to compete at that level regularly is a by-product of the SFA’s ludicrous grading system, which doesn’t seem to recognise the fundamental of sporting merit.

Anyway, with fourteen wins in fifteen games going into today, scoring 81 goals in the process, the young Livi side were a shoe-in to beat Partick Thistle, a club who never seem to have managed to get a good youth development system going.

And so it proved with a comprehensive win.

Two goals were scored in each half, with Sean Kerr and Keaghan Jacobs on the mark in the first half.  For the Jacobs goal, the Thistle keeper probably should have done better given that the shot came in from the best part of 30 yards.

Livi on the attack in the first half

Livi on the attack in the first half

In the second half, a very comfortable performance saw Scottish youth internationalist Gordon Smith and Chris Malone score further goals to ensure victory.

Dressed in their unique pink and grey hooped outfit, Thistle didn’t amount to much in an attacking sense, although Livi ‘keeper Craig McDowell made a particularly fine save in a one-on-one situation.

The game was played on the ‘Fieldturf’ artificial pitch which is situated behind the East Stand of Almondvale Stadium.   The pitch has been in place since the stadium was built, with the current surface installed around the turn of the century.

It’s a not a bad place to watch a game on a fine day like today although I know from past experience that it’s not ideal when it’s raining.  There are a few steps of terracing from which fans can watch matches through the high mesh fence, but there’s no cover.

In brief
Scoring – 1-0 Kerr, 2-0 Ke Jacobs, 3-0 Smith, 4-0 Malone
Attendance – 100 approx
Admission – £NIL
Programme – none

Ground – 3/10. Glorified training pitch really
Game – 7/10. Decent match with some good passing football played
Overall experience – 6/10.  Good to see the Livi youngsters do the business.
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Livingston FC official website


2 thoughts on “Livingston U19 4-0 Partick Thistle U19

  1. Hi Dave! Having spotted traffic coming to my site from yours I’ve been meaning to get in touch. Thanks for the link, I have also added one. Your sites looking great and is a good read. Looking at your list of games it’s amazing how often our paths have crossed! All the best, Jamie.

  2. Hi Jamie, good to hear from you. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and it gave me a wee bit of inspiration to start my own.
    I don’t know how you can handle quite as many trips down south though, especially midweek.
    All the best and maybe I’ll run into you at a game sometime soon. I’ll look out for another dude with a camera! Cheers, Dave

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